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I finally did it! After a year of having nothing but problems with my old blog I bit the bullet and moved over here! I am excited to get a fresh start and hopefully get to post seamlessly so I can keep you updated on everything that is going on.

So first things first: Welcome to my blog! I’m author Crissy Smith. I have 30 books published with Totally Bound publishing with two more already contracted for release in July.

I write primarily paranormal romance but am open to all genres. I have two series running over at Totally Bound:

The first is my long best selling and award winning series the Were Chronicles

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The Were Chronicles have twelve books currently published with three more until the end. Book thirteen is releasing at the end of September and promises to continue the adventure of our favorite wolf shifters.

The Were Chronicles series

Hot Alpha males and feisty females set the pages on fire as they clash and struggle to belong and find that one special mate.

Shape-shifters who cannot shift, attacks on packs, coming out to the world, The Were Chronicles will take you through the lives of Pack members who fight for who and what they want.

Nothing is more sacred then the one person who completes them.

Through betrayals and lies these strong willed females and fully dominant males must find a way to protect what’s really important. Love.

The best way to enjoy these books is to read them in order

Pack Alpha

Pack Enforcer

Pack Territory

Pack Rogue

Pack Community

Pack Mates

Pack Daughter

Pack Hunter

Pack Council

Pack Security

Pack Beta

Pack Secrets

Pack Balance: Coming Sept 2015

My second series is newer and has been receiving high praise from a lot of the review sites. My second series the Shifter Chronicles is a spin off from the first but are full length novels and each book has a shifter of another species. This thrilling series takes what the Were Chronicles started but to a whole new level.

The Shifter Chronicles

The shifters around the world have announced their presence and revealed their secrets. Birds, bears, cats, coyotes and more must work together in the new founded Coalition to protect one another. Along the way, they’ll find love, suffer loss, and show everyone what the shifters are really made of.

This spin off series to the Were Chronicles will take you into the lives of each shifter faction and prove once again that nothing is impossible when you have love.

The Shifter Chronicles can be read in any order as the storylines do not cross into the next book however to really enjoy the characters I suggest reading them as they are released. Three books are currently available with book four releasing in July 2015.

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Both the series are a blast to write and I hope you’ll take the time to check them out!

I have big plans for this blog so I hope you’ll stay with me. As long as I can post and share pictures (which I couldn’t do at the other) I plan to keep busy on here. So please join me when you can!


Crissy Smith