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Eye of the Tiger was reviewed at Night Owl reviews and was awarded 5 stars and Top Pick! As an author there is no better feeling than when someone enjoys a book that you out all your heart and soul into.

reviewertoppick2Eye of the Tiger is the third book in the Shifter Chronicles series and gives us a look into Zak’s life. We first met Zak in Birds of Prey and he was also involved in Bear Claw but Eye of the Tiger is where he really shines.


If you haven’t picked up your copy yet maybe this will help. Here is the full review link to Night Owl Reviews:


More about Eye of the Tiger:

He’s about to play the most important role of his life.

Zak Lewis has been undercover for more than half a year for the Shifter Coalition. When one of the men in the group he’s infiltrated is put in danger, Zak has to make an agonizing decision. Whether or not to take another’s life.

Abilene Fox is working behind the scenes as her ATF partner is working undercover. When Luca is shot, their investigation crashes with the Coalition’s. The Coalition agent who steps into her life is something she’s not prepared for. But maybe that’s a good thing.

Zak is used to playing a role. He’s been the bad boy, the helpless, the brute, the geek and so much more. One look at Abilene and Zak can feel in his gut that he is about to play the most important role of his life. This time, for keeps.

You’ll want to pick up this book before number four: Coyote’s Kiss is released on July 28th!

Abilene Fox who falls hard for Zak is partnered up with Luca Perez who is the main character of Coyote’s Kiss.

Eye of the Tiger is available in both EBook and Print and is for sale at all your favorite retailers!