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Well folks we are only a week away from my biggest release yet! On July 14th my novel Designated Alpha will be published as part of Totally Bound’s: What’s her Secret? Imprint.

This is an exciting time for me for several reasons. With over 60,000 words Designated Alpha is the longest story I’ve ever written. Also it is the first time I did a ‘follow up’ to two characters that I’ve written about before.

So this week’s Spotlight Book is all about when Piper and Jace first met. Let me introduce you to my short story… Last Call


Last Call is really where the story starts for Piper and Jace. As while you don’t have to read both to enjoy the books I would recommend it.

Last Call Blurb:

Haunted and on the run, Piper must decide—trust Jace with her secret, or leave, breaking both their hearts?

Ex-Marine Jace Anderson has followed orders his entire life. Now free of the bonds that held him, he has started over in a new town with his own bar. He’s even found the woman he plans to settle down with. If he can keep her from running, that is.

Piper Maxwell never stays in one place for long. She’s learned to stay two steps ahead of the past that haunts her. Moving on has never been a problem until she meets Jace. Jace calls to a part of her that she long ago buried. And she knows if he finds out what she’s hiding he will run as far and fast as possible.

Jace must convince Piper he will remain by her side always. That vow is tested when Piper’s past finally catches up with her.

Will Jace and Piper be able to find their happily ever after or will the start of their relationship also be the end?

Publisher’s Note: This book can be read as a standalone but is best enjoyed as a prequel to Designated Alpha.

My thoughts on Last Call:

Last Call was originally supposed to be a short story to introduce the imprint What’s her Secret? that mu publisher Totally Bound was launching.

There was just something about these two that I never could forget about.

Designated Alpha is a wonderful novel that explores Piper and Jace’s relationship after the events that take place in Last Call.

I honestly believe that you’ll enjoy Piper and Jace more if you read both books.

So don’t miss out and make sure that you join me for my release party next week on my Facebook Fan Page where I’ll be giving away prizes and sharing special excerpts with you!