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So you sit down in front of your computer and you’re ready to start writing. You have your story idea, characters, and plot either outlined or a good idea on what you want.

Have you chosen your word count yet? Are you writing a short story, novella, novel, or long novel?


I’ll be honest and say when I first started writing it was all I could do to write over 10,000 words. That was an accomplishment and I was proud.

That’s the reason that my first few books were short stories, between 10-15,000 words.

My first series the Were Chronicles that I am still writing are novella length, 23-26,000 words.

Now that I’m on my 7th year of writing and publishing I concentrate on longer works. I’ve learned how to plot and keep that action going throughout the entire book so that the readers aren’t bored and enjoy the entire length. It wasn’t easy at first and I was really lucky that I had a good editor that helped me with the flow of the books.

But it’s important to know from the start how many words you want. Especially if you plan to write a series. Since I am still working on the Were Chronicles I have to continue to write novella lengths even though I prefer Novels. So decide early what you want out of your manuscripts.

But be careful not too push too much. If you can only write 10,000 words go with it. Especially if that’s were you can turn in quality work. Strive for a good story instead of just a bunch of words.

I’ve read a lot of books that if the author had cut out a lot of extra words the story would have been fantastic. I don’t self publish although it is something that I am looking into but haven’t gone there yet. I have obligations for my publisher to complete first.

So this is my advice for this Monday’s author advice post. I hope you found it useful.