originalI get one question the most. Do you think that paranormal romance genre is ending?

Of course not, I want to shout from the rooftops. I will always read paranormal romance and therefore will always write it.


I don’ think there is anything better than a hot alpha shifter, a sext and cool vampire, or any other creature that has caught my attention. While paranormal romance is not the only genre that I write it is over 95% of my work.

You don’t have to chose just one genre but I’ve found that some of the most popular authors do have a slight edge when they have readers that are true and loyal. My readers know for the most part that if they pick up one of my stories there is a certain style to my writing that is common for me.

Of course I also have a favorite author and that is Nora Roberts. One of the reasons that I love her so much is because she can write anything. I do mean anything. She is able to pull a reader in and just capture their attention.

So no you don’t have to settle for writing any one genre but my advise this week is that whatever you decide to write needs to come from your heart.