Yes I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months. IT’s a crazy life but I wouldn’t change a thing. Between writing deadlines, holidays, birthdays, the day job, and exhaustion I let the blog slide but I’m back with a vengeance.

So what have you missed?

I’ve completed the fifth book in the Shifter Chronicles series and am working hard on the final book of the Were Chronicles. It’s been hard but the series has reached a point where it’s time to say goodbye.

I decided to bring back some of the old characters from previous books so we can get one last look at them. If we’re going to go out it might as well be with a bang!

Speaking of the Were Chronicles… Book 14: Pack Investigator releases in a week!



I am so excited to share Garrett and Lily’s story. And what until you meet the little boy who steals Garrett’s heart!

It’s not only the houses burning in Clear Creek. Lily Harper is setting Garrett Sullivan’s heart on fire.

Garrett Sullivan, a firefighter for the city of Clear Creek, has his hands full when he rescues a young boy from a burning house. The kid, Nick, is a shifter and in need of help, so Garrett takes it upon himself to make sure the boy is safe. From the first look at the boy’s social worker, Garrett knows his life will never be the same again. Her enticing eyes and bright mind call to everything inside him.

With Garrett a key member of the investigation team looking into a spate of fires in the neighborhood, he’s put right into the action. When the boy’s father is kidnapped, the intensity escalates.

Lily Harper loves her job as a social worker in Clear Creek. When she’s assigned the case of Nick, his big, wounded eyes tug at her heart. The strong firefighter who stands by his side tugs at something else. Garrett is everything she has been searching for in a partner. But with a difficult investigation involving kidnapping, arson and mystery, Lily worries that she’ll lose Garrett before he can actually be hers.

It will take the entire city, their friends and family to solve the latest threat to the shifters and their human lovers.

So stayed tuned for some really fun times ahead!