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If you’ve heard the latest news about the Were Chronicles series and wondered if it was true I thought I’d share my thoughts on ending the series.

Yes, the final book for the Were Chronicles series has been sent in. Book Fifteen Pack Law will be the end of our Wolf Shifters.

The first books in the series came in 2009 and I had only planned on writing four books total. The series grew as I was not ready to let go of the characters. I fell in love with our Alpha males and feisty females and knew they had more to say.

After deciding to continue the series the Were Chronicles expanded to include what would happen if the shifters announced their presence to the world.

Book Four laid the ground work, book five introduced us to other shifter species, and book six is where it happened.


As the Were Chronicles kept coming we were introduced to more and more of the characters that are so important to me. It was a true blessing in my life to be able to write the books that I would have read. That’s how I decided to grow them even more. In book Nine we met up with characters that will soon take over another part of my life. Thanks to this story we have the spin of series: The Shifter Chronicles.



We moved all around the United States as we learn about new Packs. About the time that Book twelve was released I knew that the end was coming soon. I couldn’t just stop so I needed to find a way to end the series on a high note. From here I outlined a brand new series from the new supernatural creatures that were introduced. That series will begin once the Were Chronicles say goodbye.

The final three books all take place in my made up city Clear Creek. Here I added another genre that I enjoy, men in uniform. We have a cop, an EMT, a firefighter, a social worker, a reporter, and a lawyer.

For the first time in the Were Chronicles I wrote the stories around the characters instead of the characters around the plot.

Now that the final book: Pack Law has been submitted it time to look into the future and see what is on store for all of us.

It’s not over yet! Pack Law will release in April 2016 and brings back some of our favorites from previous books. Come say high to Gage, Cain, Nikki, RJ, Clint, Kurt, Mason, Kiley, and Austin. They all pop in to give our wolves in Clear Creek a hand.

I hope to see you there!