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As I’ve eluded in previous posts I do have a new series that is coming soon.


With the end of the Were Chronicles series I am able to expand my writing and picked a project that I am truly excited about.

If you’ve read the Were Chronicles book twelve: Pack Secrets you’ll recognize the characters for this new adventure.

That’s right, the Were Chronicles aren’t really gone… they’ve just evolved.


While we may no longer the actual Were Chronicles both my Shifter Chronicles and the new series (still untitled) are based off of Were Chronicles books so you never know who may stop by.

I couldn’t just leave my readers hanging after all!

So with this new series we explore the organization that helped the wolves defeat their enemy. Instead of just shifters (although there will be plenty of shifters) we also have humans and Day Walkers in each book.

Did you catch that Day Walker part?

No I’m not talking about zombies. This Day Walkers take the mythology about vampires and throw all the rules out the window.

Crosses? They’re pretty. Garlic? Yummy. Sunlight? Everyone likes a good tan.

If it wasn’t for that whole blood drinking thing… oh yeah, blood. That is important.

So hang on tight and watch as our shifters team up with the new supernatural heroes.