What a perfect day to go back and check out of one of my early publications.


In celebration of Valentine’s Day you can pick up a copy of Bid High my MMF book about a young woman who bids on the man of her dreams and gets more that what she bargained for. At a Valentine’s bachelor auction for charity Amber wins more than she ever imagined.

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A bachelor auction, a plan, and a night that will change everything.

Amber Wilson is tired of her boring life. She craves something more than just the average day ho-hum. When her best friend gets tickets to the hottest event in town, Amber sees her chance to live wild for one night.

Thomas Baldwin and Jake Grant have watched Amber from a far. They know she is the one woman who can complete the life they’ve made for themselves. The woman who will accept their love for each other while filling the hole that remains.

The plan – get the auction tickets to Amber’s friend, get her to bid and win Thomas, then use every trick in the book to seduce her into becoming theirs.



“You didn’t!” Amber Wilson was shocked. In disbelief, she stared at her two best friends.

 Trish nodded. “I did!”

Jessica laughed with Trish. “It wasn’t easy either. The auction has been sold out for months.”

“I’m not going!” Amber argued. They really expected her to go to an auction, bid on a stranger and have sex with him? Her best friends should know her better than that.

“You’re going,” Trish told her sternly. Then Amber watched with horror as Trish took the tickets from her purse.

Amber tried a different angle. “You can’t afford those!” She was not going.

“Actually I didn’t. They were…a gift. And you two are my dates.”

Jessica stirred her coffee. “We don’t need dates. We buy them there.” She giggled.

Taking a drink of her coffee, Amber tried to come up with another excuse. “I can’t afford the men there.”

Her two friends exchanged amused smiles. “It’s for charity. A very good charity. And we all know you’re loaded anyway.”

Amber sighed, knowing no excuse would be good enough. “I’d be so embarrassed.”

Reaching out a hand, Jessica patted her arm. “We’ll be there for support. I’m sorry we had to do it this way but you need to get out there again.”

“It’s been three years, honey,” Trish added.

“I know how long it’s been,” she snapped, not wanting to dwell too much on why it had been three years. “And it’s not that I’m not ready, I just haven’t met anyone I find…interesting.”

“Maybe Friday night you will,” Trish pointed out gently.

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