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It’s only a matter of months before the final book of the Were Chronicles series Pack Law is released!

After seven years and fifteen books it might be the end but I promise you will see the wolf shifters again.


It’s the case that will change everything for shifters. 

Mike Riley likes his small-town life and his job as an attorney in Clear Creek. When he’s asked by his Alpha to take on a case involving a shifter that has been fired for no reason other than for being who he is, Mike has no idea how big the case will become or how much it will affect every shifter around the world.

Shelby Holt is a reporter on the upswing of her career, and has secretly been sleeping with Mike for the last several months. As her feelings for the wolf shifter grows she pushes them down, knowing he doesn’t fit in with the image she wants to show to the public.

She can no longer avoid him and her growing feelings as the case Mike is working collides with her career. When friends from the past join the wolf shifters in Clear Creek, Mike realizes how important the outcome of the trial truly is, and Shelby begins to crave the same fierce love she sees in their friend’s relationships.

General Release Date: 4/19/16