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Hello all! Got plans for the weekend? Well, why not come over to my part of the country and attend a FREE books festival!


So wake up tomorrow morning and join me for the Book in the Basin festival. The fun will start at 9:30 at the Odessa College Saulsbury Campus Center.

There are so many awesome author coming. Sandra Brown is featured and one of my favorite all time authors. Also if you’re a sci-fy fan like myself you’ve probably heard of the new series the Magicians. Well the author of that series Lev Grossman will also be there!

And don’t forget about me! Before I head to Vegas for the RT2016 convention I will be there all day on Saturday from 9:30-4 signing all the books in the Shifter Chronicles and Designated Alpha.

Missing one of the books? Come by and pick yours up? Already have the book but need it signed? Bring it with you!!! I hope to see you there!