As many of you know All Romance EBooks closed this last week. I want to assure you that this will not affect my publishing. While I did have books up on the site I haven’t self published on my own so all of my stories are still on other sites.

This will affect some royalty payments but that will not change the way I write. It happens and I understand that. While frustrating and aggravating I can’t stop what I’m doing to teach them a lesson.

I have been truly blessed that my publisher remains strong in the publishing world and I don’t have to fight to get my rights back or try to find another home for my stories. I’ve only published with one company and while I’ve been at this for several years I have remained very lucky that my choice in the company that I keep. I’ve thought of branching out, I’ll be honest, the more your name is out there the better the sales. But since I still work full time my writing time is very limited and I have made promises to my publisher of future books which doesn’t leave me time for anything else.

In the future I will look into self-publishing more as I want to write YA and my publisher doesn’t offer that. I am very wary about trying another publisher as so many have closed within the last few years.

Yes, the times might be changing but I don’t have plans of going anywhere.

So let me assure you. I will continue to write as long as you’ll continue to read!