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Look at that pretty cover! Isn’t it awesome!

I love announcing that a book is coming soon! We’re only a month away from the General Release of Wolf Pack: Shifter Chronicles Book 5!

He’s a lone wolf no longer.

Wolf Shifter Cole Babcock is now the leader of a unit within the Shifter Coalition. As a lone wolf he’s working hard to handle his new duties and working with a team. He doesn’t mind working hard and it’s not like he has anyone to go home to.

Kendra Brown, a US Marshal, is tracking a missing witness and needs the help of the Coalition. Her first meeting with the team leader reveals that they’ve met before. In one explosive night of passion.

Things are changing fast for the two shifters. The case that brought them together runs into complication after complication. There are rogues being held hostage, Kendra’s witness is in danger, and Cole’s been offered a chance of a lifetime. The Alpha of the local wolf pack wants Cole to take over the position from him.

Cole begins to rely on Kendra for everything from closing the case to speaking with the Alpha. As they grow closer, Cole realizes how strong his feelings for Kendra are. He isn’t alone anymore.

With their lives in danger, only the love they share will get them through the week.

How does that book sound?

Good enough to pick up your copy?

All of the Shifter Chronicles series share characters but you can read them in any order. I do suggest that you pick up the books and enjoy though. I am very proud of this series!

So let’s get ready for more Shifter drama and Mystery!